My philosophy of singing

Every voice is unique, just like every person is.

Being convinced that this is so, voice training for me means discovering your own voice, exploring the innate potential. The way will lead us through a good balance of tension and relaxation.

The holistic concept means that through the connection mask and body a smooth and flexible breathing is reached, and a lot of energy is won with relatively little strain.

If a voice is conducted in a natural flow of breathing, it can not only unfold its beauty, it will also stay healthy and will become more secure and stable.

Technique will help us to clear the way for a free, natural flow of voice, so that instrument and personality can become a unity.

My approach to this is based on a connection of mask and body, especially through relaxation in the area of jaws, throat and chest, while finding support in mask and pelvis.

Otherwise, it might also be necessary to work off negative personal experiences (negative auditions, etc.) to counteract blockades.

Through the interaction of instrument and person, not only will the voice increase in brilliance, but also the musical interpretation and radiance on stage will become more authentic, and therefore also livelier and more thrilling.

 For me the most important criteria for singing are: vitality, energy, naturalness, authenticity and fun.