„Learning to sing means learning to live“

The quote above comes from one of my students when she realized how closely the voice is connected with your own patterns of life.

The body has its own memory store and therefore similar emotions will always be saved in the same position. So, in the course of a lifetime bodily and mental blockades can form.

Through the close connection between breathing and voice, vocal training will make the singer aware of the patterns of the body, and will open the way to working on them. Bodily and mental blockades can be recognized and carefully be removed, and therefore also a change in the attitude to life can be affected.

Unwanted restrictions can be broken up, new liberties and new vitality can be won.

It does not matter whether these are blockades caused by statements like “be still, you just cannot sing”, or by nervousness at presentations which might cause the breathing to become shallow, and which will be betrayed by a trembling or high-pitched voice.

No matter if these are well-known behavioural patterns which we just cannot stop because we lose our grounding, or tensions which constrict our chest and just do not want to go away,

All these are experiences restricting our freedom of choice.

Vocal training is nothing magic, it cannot eliminate all these phenomena at once, but it can help to find better awareness of yourself, to ground you and to “burst bonds”.